Guess Who’s On Team Leno? Team Oprah


Jay Leno appeared on Oprah today. We’re only allowed to watch security cam footage on the office television, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been browsing the comments section on Oprah’s website for the last hour. Who would have guessed that an army of housewives who were watching Dr. Phil before he had his own show would be such staunch Jay Leno fans? Everyone.

Go here to take the real pulse of middle America:

Thank goodness Jay is back! Conan is a total disconnect for me. I can’t stand the goofy hair-do, he’s not the least bit attractive, and he comes across as an arrogant liberal.

Jay Leno is a FUNNY guy. That’s what comedians are supposed to be. I’m sorry, but Conan O’Brian isn’t a funny guy. That’s why his show failed. It amazes me that so many people are on Conan’s side! Where were you all when his show had miserable ratings! I think you’re all full of it. If Conan’s show was failing, he doesn’t deserve to have it continue. Jay Leno was offered his job back, he had been #1, he deserves it

 Get off Jay Lenos case!!!! He is a great comedian, and far outshines Conan. I tried watching Conan, but I do not find him funny. Jay is a funny, classy, entertaining guy. I think you acted like a trial lawyer trying to get him to confess that he was a back stabbing, selfish, self centered man. ShAME ON YOU, YOU OWE jAY AN APOLOGY.

Make sure to expand comments “below viewing threshold,” because they are almost all anti-Jay, including this gem:

Jay Leno does not deserve the Tonight Show because he would have let it been split in half, like in the story of King Solomon and the two women claiming to be the mother of one baby. The true mother was the one willing to give her child away to save it. Unfortunately, NBC is no King Solomon, and they gave the Tonight Show back to the theiving babysitter.

Yeah! Isn’t there an entire Psalm about exactly that? I might be thinking of a Deadline: Hollywood post.

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