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Kanye West Named Rolling Stone’s #1 Album of 2010

Nothing like a little ego feed for Kanye West! Rolling Stone Magazine has named his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as it’s #1 album of 2010. Though the placement of some of these is subject to your opinion, they hit the top albums pretty well, we must agree. 1. Kanye West, My Beautiful […]

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Kanye Tops Billboard Charts, Sells Less Than Projected

Even though Kanye West sold a little less albums than he claimed during his NYC rant last week, he still landed himself atop of the Billboard Hot 200 this week. West said he was going to sell 650,000 copies of his new album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ during a private concert in NYC, however […]

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Kanye West Rants On at NYC Concert

Kanye West is at it again! The number of albums sold (projected 650,000 in the first week) must have went to his head! Kanye West had a secret show in NYC last night, and before he started he went on a 10 minute rant about everything from the past year, including Taylor Swift, Matt Lauer, […]

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Kanye West and Jay Z Recording a Full Album Together

The dynamic duo of rap were once in talks of recording an EP together, but now those plans have been upgraded to a full album! Kanye West revealed that he and Jay-Z have been in the studio working on a full disc. “We’re putting out a whole album now. We had done five songs so […]

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Watch Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’

Kanye West premiered his new 30 minute movie this weekend on MTV and similar networks. While we got the artistic aspect and it was visually great, we feel as if the point was missing. That is unless the point is just that he makes great music, and wanted to give a sample of some of […]

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Kanye West Offering Multiple Options For New Album Cover

With all the controversy over Kanye West’s new album cover, the mastermind behind ‘My Dark and Twisted Fantasy,’ due out this November has come up with a solution. Kanye has decided to do five different covers for his album, but in a strange twist, it’s not a ploy to make you go out and buy […]

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Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ Premiere Date

Kanye West’s film, ‘Runaway’ is going to be released this coming weekend on October 23. The film will air simultaneously on three networks, MTV, VH1, and BET, and be available to stream on all three of their respective websites as well. The film will air on TV and become available online at 8PM ET on […]

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Kayne West Tweets Album Cover

Kanye West continues to think everything he does is a huge deal. First he “unveiled” the name of his new album as if the world had been intensely waiting, not for the album, but for the album title. ┬áNow he’s released the cover via his twitter after hearing the cover would be banned by Wal-mart. […]

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Everyone is Canceling on Oprah

We thought it was an unwritten rule that no one says “no” to Oprah. Remember when Jonathan Franzen expressed concerns with his book The Corrections being part of Oprah’s Book Club and the world went crazy? Well, now it seems to be okay to say no to the Queen of Talk. First Kanye West cancels […]

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Kanye West Announces New Album Title

Kanye West has announced the title of his upcoming record, due out November 22. MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY. In caps, as only Kanye could do it… We like, and we can’t wait for it! Til then, check this out from SNL

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