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Michael Lohan and Kate Major, party like rockstars at Bel Air Mags New Year Party

Michael Lohan and his sexy girlfriend Kate Major, brought in the new year in Style at Bel Air Magazines New Years party, at a 10,000 sft Mansion In Bel Air. Hollywood socialite Ken Monroe who has been appointed the new Fresh Prince of Bel Air hosted one of Hollywoods hottest parties with many celebs guests, […]

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Michael Lohan Furious Over Lindsay-Leaks

Michael Lohan is furious that someone is putting out his daughter’s personal info! Michael Lohan has called out those who released the details of his daughter’s release, and agenda by saying: “I don’t know who is releasing information about Lindsay moving, her whereabouts or when she’s leaving Betty Ford, but whoever is (leaking that information) […]

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Michael Lohan Gets a New Job!

Not being able to talk about Lindsay to the media to have a relationship with her must be taking a toll on Michael Lohan’s wallet, because he has gotten himself a j-o-b. Michael has been hired by a rehab consultation firm in LA called Recovery Hub, which specializes in matching up addicts with rehab facilities […]

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Michael Lohan Talks Dina

Michael Lohan has been keeping good with his promise to not talk to the media about Lindsay, but his new comments about his ex-wife, Dina, may not help the family’s bond grow stronger. After a news story came out that Michael showed up at Lindsay’s apartment unannounced this weekend during her “day off” from rehab […]

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Michael Lohan Forsees Failure With Lindsay’s Rehab Sitch

Because if Michael Lohan supported his daughter, it wouldn’t make for a good story,  Michael Lohan is NOT supporting Lindsay Lohan’s decision to enroll in the Betty Ford Clinic. Michael told Us Weekly: “Look at the ‘short’ list of people who went to Betty Ford — most, if not all, have relapsed. I went there […]

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Michael Lohan Lashes Out at Lindsay’s Lawyer Following Hearing

We photographed a visually upset Michael Lohan leaving the court house this morning after his daughter’s bail was revoked and she was sent to jail and before he went nuts on camera lashing out at everybody in Lindsay’s life who’s name isn’t Michael Lohan. Among those who he deems “responsible for ruining my daughter’s life:”  […]

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Michael Lohan’s Prayers Were Answered Last Night

Michael Lohan must have had Us Weekly on speed dial last night when he tuned into the VMA’s because he couldn’t wait to reveal that his prayers had been met. Lohan’s famous daughter, Lindsay, appeared in the opening skit with host Chelsea Handler, making light of her current battle with the law which caused her […]

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Michael Lohan’s ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude

All Michael Lohan has to to is sign on to twitter, and he could find proof straight from her mouth that his daughter Lindsay want’s nothing to do with her, even calling him names like her “ex-father.” But Michael is like the little engine that couldn’t.  Give the man an A for effort. Photographers spotted […]

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Lindsay to Dad: Cease and Desist!

Though Michael Lohan has recently made it sound as if He and Lindsay had been communicating, even letting her decide the name of his new rehab facility, what he really meant to say was, “I’m selling pages of her diary, any takers?” Apparently Michael has gotten his hands on a diary that Lindsay wrote in […]

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Michael Lohan Opening Cali Rehab Facility

In his latest attempt to act like he’s close with his daughter, Michael Lohan has announced plans to open a rehab facility in California. Currently scouting locations, Michael explains to the media he will have zero tolerance for prescription drugs: “I’m going to have a protocol that will be have to be followed. I don’t […]

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