Michael Lohan Talks Dina

Michael Lohan has been keeping good with his promise to not talk to the media about Lindsay, but his new comments about his ex-wife, Dina, may not help the family’s bond grow stronger.

After a news story came out that Michael showed up at Lindsay’s apartment unannounced this weekend during her “day off” from rehab only to be turned away by the apartment security at Lindsay’s order, Michael responded by saying that whole thing was fabricated by Dina.

Lohan told Perez Hilton that it was Dina’s snitch who works the desk at Lindsay’s apartment and called her immediately when he showed up this past weekend, but it was Lindsay who called him and asked if he could bring some lunch in the first place.  He adds:

“My guess is family week with Lindsay didn’t help DINA at all and the reason she would never have family therapy with Lindsay and the counselors is because DINA can’t face or tell the truth in a group setting.

Dina needs alot of help. She is so full of anger, jealousy and bitterness. To imagine she would do this while [our] daughter is in recovery is sick. Obviously family therapy didn’t help Dina one bit.”

Whether or not Lindsay did call Michael over, or whether or not the snitch called Dina who had him removed, we don’t think this is the way to fix the family.  Lindsay’s used to it, but Michael is not doing himself any favors.

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2 Responses to Michael Lohan Talks Dina

  1. November 15, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    Mike is a liar, he never was allowed to see Lindsay alone there was always a counselor with them. His hatred of Dina, and jealousy over her relationship with Lindsay, and the money Michael has been shut out of it at the heart of his hatred. He’s even suing Dina for her manager’s commission during the time he was in prison, one of the many times this criminal has been off the streets. At least try to write a balanced story, sure the desk clerk knows Michael, how he got a cop to illegally enter Lindsay’s apartment, how the people living in the building want a restraining order against this violent man stopping him from going on the property. He’s a criminal! Don’t be fooled by this man and his faux concern, he got some slumming agent to handle him, like he’s a star of some kind for posting nude photo of women he’s beaten when they file assault charges against him. The quotes the bible on twitter, he’s a sociopath and if Lindsay is smart she will finally cut this cancer out of her life for good.

  2. November 16, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    I don’t know who Jinxy, and frankly I am happy I don’t. Who wants an evil spewing, busy body, who doesn’t know or represent the Truth, in their life. Why would this sick individual even commenting on my familt or our life to begin with. Get a life JINX. For all I know JINX is one of the parasited who sucks money out of Lindsay just like Dina nd the others who Dina brought into Lindsays life who almostdestroyed her life and career. You are no match for God JINXY. You and satan can stay in hell.

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