Michael Lohan Forsees Failure With Lindsay’s Rehab Sitch

Because if Michael Lohan supported his daughter, it wouldn’t make for a good story,  Michael Lohan is NOT supporting Lindsay Lohan’s decision to enroll in the Betty Ford Clinic.

Michael told Us Weekly:

“Look at the ‘short’ list of people who went to Betty Ford — most, if not all, have relapsed. I went there myself, and I will tell you, Betty Ford is a country club. They administer prescription meds and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they don’t have family therapy at all.” “The root of her problems is her family,” he says. “This will not work — mark my words!”

He’s sort of got a point, however “marking his words” isn’t that big of a gamble.   The girl did test positive for a substance while wearing a SCRAM bracelet,  then fail court ordered drug tests weeks after being released from jail and rehab.   Vegas would probably put their money on it not working out for her at this point.

We here at Starzlife find it hard to believe that Lindsay would have any more luck under the watchful eye of Michael and Dina Lohan, so we’re happy to sit back and watch the legal system at work.

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