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Lindsay and Her Pops At it Again.

Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan are at each other again over the internet for some he said/she said drama to spice up their holiday weekend. Lindsay posted her Christmas eve blog that I shared with you where she randomly brought up the fact that her father cheated on her mother and had a […]

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America Wants to See Perez Knock Out Papa Lohan.

Michael Lohan is still trying to get someone to step into the ring with him for a charity boxing match.  He’s tried to take on everyone from Page Six to Keven Federline and now Perez Hilton with nobody answering his challenge and setting up the fight. Perez is however the first to speak out against […]

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Lindsay Would Be Happier If Her Dad Was Doin’ Time.

More drama-rama from the Lohans.  Now that Lindsay Lohan has stepped out of the big bad closet her father has pulled out all the stops trashing her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Well reportedly this has Lindsay shaking in her ugg boots, and now shes seeking out an order of protection. Sources say “He’s behaving so erratically […]

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Michael Lohan is Back!

It was only a matter of time until Michael Lohan started preaching to the press about the official coming out of his daughter Lindsay and her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Surprisingly, it took about a day but Michael has now sent his message to the media.  He says; “There is a lot more to Samantha […]

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*UPDATE* Lindsay Calls Father Liar….Again.

The never ending saga is going to slow down drastically, as Michael Lohan has reported that his father passed away on Thursday.

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Michael Lohan Back in Front with New Attack!

It was only a matter of time, before Michael Lohan checked his myspace and saw the things his daughter wrote about him, but he has officially now ended any chance of a relationship between himself and his daughter with his latest release.

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Lindsay Responds!

Earlier I told you how Michael Lohan hates Samantha Ronson, and compared her to a parasite just leaching off of Lindsay’s fame but only bringing her down in the process. Well now Lindsay has released a statement of her own firing back at her dear old dad.

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Michael Lohan Hates Samantha Ronson.

First it was reported that Lindsay’s daddy’s view of her relationship with Samantha Ronson was of the “whatever makes my daughter happy” type, but now he’s speaking out to say that’s not the case! 

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Michael Lohan Wants to “Play With Fire.”

Michael Lohan has issued a challenge to K-Fed to step into the ring with him for a charity boxing match! 

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“it’s evident to anyone with half a brain.”

Michael Lohan is speaking out about his daughters relationship with pal Samantha Ronson.

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