Michael Lohan Back in Front with New Attack!


It was only a matter of time, before Michael Lohan checked his myspace and saw the things his daughter wrote about him, but he has officially now ended any chance of a relationship between himself and his daughter with his latest release.

Michael, shocked at the claims by his daughter through her own blog, released this to the media on Thursday afternoon;

“Who’s out of control? Whose life is out of control? Give me a break. Going from place to place, being dragged around by Samantha so she can make more money off of Lindsay being there when she spins … She’s gone from making $7 million to less than a million a movie. Who’s out of control?”

“I go to church. I go and help people in rehab. That’s control. How can she say I’m out of control?”

“I want Lindsay to be in a good place. When I started looking at what Samantha was doing, dragging Lindsay to clubs, drinking around Lindsay … Samantha is one of the biggest problems in her life. That’s what Dina told me. I’m reacting on what Dina said, but then Dina steps out of the picture because she wants to look like the good guy.”

“Dina’s a two-face. She wants to try to look good and stay on Lindsay’s good side instead of being a good parent. I don’t give two hoots about my relationship with Lindsay as a friend. One day she’s going to turn around to me and tell me, ‘Daddy, you were right.'”

Michael even says he has recorded phone conversations and saved text messages that will prove he’s not lying.

Well, Mr. Lohan,  the damage has already been done, and you claim to have these conversations so you have to release them now so that YOU don’t look like the liar.
If he really doesn’t give two hoots, we should be listening to the goodness any day now!

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