America Wants to See Perez Knock Out Papa Lohan.

Michael Lohan is still trying to get someone to step into the ring with him for a charity boxing match.  He’s tried to take on everyone from Page Six to Keven Federline and now Perez Hilton with nobody answering his challenge and setting up the fight.

Perez is however the first to speak out against a quote Lohan told the New York Daily News.  He says;

“If there’s one person on this planet that I’d like to fight, it’s [celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, For every single jab he’s taken at my children and my family.”

Perez responded with the following;

“I may take jabs at him and his messed-up family, but they’re baby taps compared to the blows he’s thrown at his own ex-wife and his daughter’s girlfriend. Maybe if he quit being such a desperate media whore, he might one day be able to have a relationship with his children again.”

Both sound like fightin’ words to me, and according to a poll, most Americans surveyed would love to see this bout as well.

Predicto is a leading entertainment and pop culture web site that provides live feeds and information for people and the media to discover what the country really thinks about current issues, has asked its audience to weigh in on the hot topic of whether or not Perez Hilton should take Lohan out once and for all.

60 percent of the votes say that these two should square off for charity, and of the over 4,000 votes cast total, 2,352 think Perez could handle Lindsay’s dad while 1855 simply say it wont happen.

How bout it Perez? Show us what your made of and knock this punk out.

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