Felicity Huffman Desperate to Save the Puppies.

Who knew Felicity Huffman was such do-gooder.  The Desperate Housewives star has been recently devoting her time to helping find homes for orphan animals that are held up in shelters.

Over 4 million of these orphan dogs and cats are put to sleep each year due to overcrowding at animal shelters, so Iams has came up with the Iams Home 4 the Holidays program, which will run through Jan, 5 2009 and hopes to put 1 million animals in homes by that time.

Huffman has teamed up with the program to raise awareness and help save a few animals lives.  She says;

“What is great about Iams Home 4 the Holidays, they have 3,000 shelters all across the world, even in Iraq and any participating shelter you can go on their Web site and find one that is closest to you, and not only can you adopt your best friend who is there waiting for you, but they also give you an education program.”

The education program will give you help and tips on raising your pet, potty training, and everything else that comes with adopting an animal.

Huffman’s dog, Tucker, which she always has present on the DH set was adopted two years ago from Pet Orphans of Southern California.

Bravo, Lynette.

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