Michael Lohan Hates Samantha Ronson.

First it was reported that Lindsay’s daddy’s view of her relationship with Samantha Ronson was of the “whatever makes my daughter happy” type, but now he’s speaking out to say that’s not the case! 

Michael Lohan recently spoke with E! news regarding his new engagement to Erin Mueller, and while he said they aren’t trying to make a big deal about that, he did take the time to fire off a rant about Samantha Ronson.

Lohan thinks Ronson is bad for his daughter,  he thinks that since Lindsay got out of rehab a year ago, things have only gotten worse.  He says of Ronson;

“People like Samantha Ronson don’t need to be around Lindsay. She shouldn’t be dragging Lindsay around nightclubs. Who was Samantha Ronson before Lindsay Lohan? She was nobody. She is using her for her own gain. All these people have inserted themselves into her life like parasites, and it’s not right. I’m done with them.”

And who was Michael Lohan before Lindsay………   Exactly!

He’s right tho!

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