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EXCLUSIVE!!! Britney Spears Boys Sean-Preston and Jayden Hit Pumpkin Patch With K-Fed

While Britney Spears is sorting out a financial plan that could invest millions of her money eventually making her kids the richest kids in Hollywood, Little Sean Preston and Jayden James spent this weekend with their dad, Kevin Federline and his lovely girlfriend Victoria Prince by visiting a pumpkin patch in the valley. Federline, who’s […]

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New Ariticle Calls Kevin Federline a Trash Hoarder

We know Kevin Federline has returned to his once fat ways, but a hoarder? According to the new National Enquirer, K-Fed is another celebs hoarder! The mag claims that Federline is so afraid people are going to snoop through his trash, that he just keeps it all inside. Starzlife has photographed K-Fed recently near his […]

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K-Fed Defends Britney

Kevin Federline is taking a side in the case of “unwanted sexual advances” that a former Britney Spears bodyguard is claiming she singer made at him while on the job. You can read about the lawsuit here. Through his lawyer, Kevin revealed to a source that the  allegations are a “product of economic motives…They are […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Starting Em’ Young

While Britney Spears is vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Kevin Federline is on daddy duty! Kevin, who is looking more and more like “Heavy Kevy” every single day, took his four children for a day of fun in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Victoria Prince. While he smoked cigarette after cigarette in front of […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin “Fast Food” Federline

We spotted everyones favorite rolly polly, Kevin Federline, doing what he does best this week, leave to get fast food with his girlfriend Victoria Prince. As he has started ballooning up again to the look of his former fat self, we cant help but think it be the fault of his diet habits. That big […]

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Happy National Junk Food Day!

As if we needed a reason to eat fatty foods, it’s National Junk Food day , and nobody loves junk food like K-Fud. Kevin Federline slimmed down big time with the help of Celebrity Fit Club, but as soon as the show ended, it was back to the snack! Check out these recent most recent […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! K-Fud is Back

Keven Federline, who did pretty good at slimming down after a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, has packed the pounds back on. We spotted K-Fed EXCLUSIVELY this past weekend going to lunch with some friends, and it would appear he’s let go of all the hard work. Let’s not forget to note that he’s wearing […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! is K-Fed Putting the Weight Back On?

K-Fed slimmed down substantially after a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, but is he starting to gain it all back? Maybe we can just blame it on his baggy shorts and baggy sweat shirt, but he’s going to have to be careful! We spotted Kevin Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince hitting up their number one […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Takes The Whole Fam to the Movies

Smoking is NOT the best example to be setting for the kiddies, Kevin!  Not very good for their health (or yours) either! We spotted a smoking Kevin Federline EXCLUSIVELY taking all the little kiddies to see Clash of the Titans 3D in Los Angeles this weekend. K-Fed, along with girlfriend Victoria Prince, took  Kori and […]

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The Softer Side of K-Fed

During a recent episode of Celebrity Fit Club, Kevin Federline made a heartfelt apology to Shar Jackson about his behavior and all the pain he has caused her in the past. Federline left Jackson, with whom he has two kids,  for Britney Spears, with whom he then had two more.  He opened up to his […]

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