EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Starting Em’ Young

While Britney Spears is vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Kevin Federline is on daddy duty!

Kevin, who is looking more and more like “Heavy Kevy” every single day, took his four children for a day of fun in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Victoria Prince.

While he smoked cigarette after cigarette in front of his children, it seems he is setting a good example, as little Jayden James sucked on a pack of what looks like candy cigarettes in the parking lot.

Just like daddy!

We know Britney Spears has also puffed on a butt or two in her day, so these kids are no stranger to the cig, we just hope they don’t pick up the real thing at a young age!

Check out some more pics of the Federline family below.

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  1. September 7, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    he look’s to be in preety good shape though no matter how you try to make i look other wise.

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