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“My Beautiful Mommy”: The importance of sacrifice.

Beauty education is the ultimate goal… New book written by a plastic surgeon and designed to help kids cope with a bruised or “transforming” mommy, is the final step towards programming society’s young (kids and toddlers, actually) as to the importance of sacrifice and pain in order to fulfill one’s goals…

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Spotted: Margaret Cho meeting with plastic surgeons. has gotten a bit of info that comedian Margaret Cho had a consultation with a plastic surgeon on Sunset Blvd. this week. Cho’s face was all marked up as if she was getting ready for a procedure. Be on the lookout for a new face.

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Ashlee Simpson exits the doctor’s office looking PUFFY, sickly, and depressed!

On a Monday, I am waiting; on a Tuesday, I am FADING; and by Wednesday… Is that world’s most depressing peace sign or what? Whatever happened to fun, vibrant Ashlee Simpson?!  The girl is fading before our eyes!  Dang!  Ashlee’s looking like a perfect candidate to star in the next big Lifetime Movie about some […]

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World’s first supermodel looks positively regal as she shops in West Hollywood!

This gorgeous woman girl age-less freak of nature is not only a complete Riot, she’s an elegant one as well!! Janice Dickinson looked absolutely amazing this afternoon, as she had fun shopping in West Hollywood, at her favorite boutique, Diane von Furstenberg, on Melrose Blvd. Check out these pictures and don’t tell me this 53 […]

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And to bring you down from that Oscar fantasy cloud….

There is still much horror in this wild earth. It’s Alive! It’s ALIVE!Jocelyn Wildenstein, the world’s scariest celebrity, woman, delusional party crasher, decided to put her depressive mirrors away for the night and go out in search of new Dr. Frankensteins to screw fun!!  This gorgeous socialite decided to “party hop” most of the evening, […]

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Desperate Howsewives, reasons three and four…

Bree and Lynette both have a bunch of kids, and still they manage to look this hot! Talk about inspiration!  Am I desperate, much?  Just missin’ it, that’s all!

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Anorexia is bad…

Just ask Hayley Rey here!!If only she would’ve known she’d end up looking like a sick, old, albino prune by the time she reached her mid thirties, she would’ve taken in more protein- no matter the kind!!  I say Hayley should hire a nanny, go back to her beloved acting classes, and start drinking some […]

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If thou art short on cash and cannot Botox or de-mole thyself…

Don’t worry dear, there are people in this world who actually choose not to do it!Minnie Driver is a true inspiration. Botox can kill you. Boycotting has always been an effective tool in the achievement of social awareness and change. So, you go, girl ma’am!!

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Did Shakira get a nose job?

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up listening to Shakira. I’m from Puerto Rico, and when Shakira’s first “cassette” came out, I was in fourth grade. She had long, black hair, and I remember asking my mom if I could dye my own blonde locks. Oh, the irony!  My friends and I […]

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