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Speaking Of Bones!

Just in time for Halloween, Hailey Rey was spotted out with one of the most authentic skeleton costumes I’ve ever seen. Oh wait… Dr Rey’s wife was just going for the natural look while out getting some coffee from Starbucks in Bel Air. She seems very delightful though, so I guess that’s a good thing. […]

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Your Daily Thinspiration.

Heres a photo of an insanely skinny woman walking around in Hollywood.

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Ew, NICKY! Not so fine!

(editors note: Just when you thought it was safe for celebs everywhere. . .ROXY is back! We missed you, chaquita~)  Umm. . .You think you got it right, but I think you got it wrong.Nasty-ASS anorexia is a bitch!  God, the Hilton girls are soo not blessed in the booty department!! 

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Nicky Hilton’s cellphone is stuck to her head.

Super skinny Nicky Hilton shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills on April 7th  in a very (extra) slimming black outfit.  The twig sized sister of Paris Hilton, who is obviously not looking for a new BFF but perhaps should be, was chatting on her cell phone the entire time she was in the store, even while […]

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The FAT One…

Here she is… home girl needs to stop with the push-ups at home because those arms and shoulders are getting bigger than Rumerzilla’s own chin! Hopefully Ashley just gained weight for a 3 second cameo like she did in Factory Girl role she will be auditioning for.

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SHOCKING!! Nicky Hilton: Her bony little chicken legs tell the tale…

Of ANOREXIA!!Just in case y’all weren’t sure about this Hilton sister’s current anorexic physique, last time we put up her skinny pictures, we now have some additional images to satisfy all our sick curiosity.  Nicky went shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills, and we were just shocked at how skinny and pale she looked.  Some of our photographers even felt […]

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Anorexia is bad…

Just ask Hayley Rey here!!If only she would’ve known she’d end up looking like a sick, old, albino prune by the time she reached her mid thirties, she would’ve taken in more protein- no matter the kind!!  I say Hayley should hire a nanny, go back to her beloved acting classes, and start drinking some […]

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