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Friends of Greystone

The Friends of Greystone is a non-profit organization founded to preserve, protect, and enhance Greystone Mansion, as well as promote ongoing activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of the public.

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He ain’t heavy he’s my brother!

Joel and Benji Madden have both gotten a bit of extra padding, these days. . .In Joel’s case it may be sympathy weight, from Nicole’s pregnancy, or it may be a tad case of depression since Good Charlotte’s Good Morning Revival only peaked at # 7 on the Billboard Charts and just thirteen weeks later […]

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Beverly Hills That’s where I wanna be!

I Just saw a sign in Beverly Hills where Wilshire and Santa Monica intersect that said “no cell phones in cars and then flashed no smoking in cars with children under 18.” My sources tell me that it isn’t a law but it is something that is being strongly “encouraged.” No wonder Jamie Lynn Spears […]

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Anorexia is bad…

Just ask Hayley Rey here!!If only she would’ve known she’d end up looking like a sick, old, albino prune by the time she reached her mid thirties, she would’ve taken in more protein- no matter the kind!!  I say Hayley should hire a nanny, go back to her beloved acting classes, and start drinking some […]

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Is there any hope left for Britney Spears?

My mother always said the important part of history class was not so much the specific facts we learned, but the whole collective attempt at learning from the past. . . I have a hunch Lynne Spears neglected to teach this concept to her daughters, Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears.   Come to think of […]

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The Ashley’s aren’t the only ones getting nose jobs!

Mark McGrath seems to have gotten some work done lately on his snoot. Michael Jackson would be proud! I didn’t think that Sugar Ray’s honker was that bad in the first place? What in the world was he thinking? Now he looks like a total wierdo! Eww!

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Britney’s home was robbed!

The LAPD was called to the Beverly Hills home of Miss Britney Jean Spears after her parents discovered some valuable possessions were missing. After Britney’s father,  Jamie, won legal control over his daughter and her estate at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house to find a bunch of sh*t gone!  Damn Y’all!   […]

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Joan Collins gets run over by a Volvo

Just kidding. Joan Collins had a close call this afternoon in a parking lot in Beverly Hills today. Never one to shy away from the camera, Ms. Collins stayed focused on the pap and totally ignored the car that was careening toward her. Oh well, close call. Not to be cold or anything, but I […]

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“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Rod Stewart, 63, his wife, model Penny Lancaster, 36, and his seventh child Alastair Wallace Stewart, love them some Crate and Barrell!  I give grandpa stewart a nine on the sexy scale!  What’s more sexy then a guy who spends time with his children, has a good sense of humor,  doesn’t mind shopping or carrying the bags and has rock […]

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Lindsay’s Secret Service

When I got the tip a celebs was escorted into Beverly Hill’s Bristol Farm for some safe grocery shopping I got my hopes up and rushed there to expect someone like Maddonna or Oprah, but I should’ve known better. They can afford their very own private security team. Unfortunately, for the recovering drunk and druggie, […]

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