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GLAAD Awards Shenanigans

Ugly Betty won Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row. As Silvio Horta was making a heartfelt acceptance speech, Micheal Urie and Becki Newton decided to play class clowns. Michael Urie pulled on-set dresser Giovanni Aurilia to the front of the stage. “He’s really strong,” Urie cooed. “Open your jacket. Pick up […]

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Someone’s getting whipped!!

Looks like Penny Lancaster has “made a loser” out geriatric Stew here, dont’cha think?

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Well, you know she’s kind of ANAL…

Xtina is soo sex deprived…Did you know Christina Aguilera actually chose to have a C-section?  Yep she’s that anal!  She wants to control everything, even down her kids’ birth dates!  So, with that in mind, it definitely came as no shocker at all when Christina told Ellen DeGeneris this morning that when it came time […]

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All you need is love, Love! Love is all you need!

Still in the mood for Valentines?  Everything is half off at Walgreens!Click on more to see some additional celebs l-o-v-e!

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David Spade. . . “Taco, burrito, what’s coming out of your…”

Ain’t he just a gem of a man?? Ah, to smell the gas to come out of this bean-chompin’, Tijuana food-lovin’, cheap disguise-wearin’, complete and total prince…

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Heidi Fleiss arrested!

according to Perez Hilton: “Hollywood’s former Madame to the Stars was busted in Nevada on Thursday afternoon.

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She tried to get into the U.S. and we said NO, NO, NO!

Sad, but true. Such talent, such a good role model, just stripped from us!

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Eva Longoria-Parker forgets her pants!

She’s totally hot, I know, but from the looks of this picture Mrs. Parker is trying her hardest to be as discreet as possible!  It’s the airport Eva!  You shouldn’t have forgotten your pants!  But you’re pretty so all is forgiven!

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“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Rod Stewart, 63, his wife, model Penny Lancaster, 36, and his seventh child Alastair Wallace Stewart, love them some Crate and Barrell!  I give grandpa stewart a nine on the sexy scale!  What’s more sexy then a guy who spends time with his children, has a good sense of humor,  doesn’t mind shopping or carrying the bags and has rock […]

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