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“She’s not my Samantha Ronson”

What’s Lindsay’s gal pal got to do with it? You’d have to go shopping with Janice Dickinson to find out. Luckily for you, we’ve got the pictures and video right here under the cut!

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Janice Dickinson is in L-O-V-E!

Could wedding plans be underway? Ahh, love! HOT Janice Dickinson has been spotted vacationing on the beach in Hawaii with her very successful boyfriend!  Janice has been smiling more than ever lately, and she’s never looked better!  Maybe there are wedding plans in the making? 

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Demi Moore comes clean – literally!

Moore reveals the secret to staying young and in your prime! Don’t be ashamed, Demi! The technique sucks, but if it works… So, last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, Demi Moore revealed her beauty secret… Used for centuries as a detox mechanism and sexual health treatment; leech therapy now seems to be […]

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Dirty Mouth?  Clean it up!  New Orbit ad featuring Janice Dickinson is hilarious! Now I want me some Maui-Melon-Mint! It’s not surprising that when searching for a fun, silly gal to play the bi*chy model in a new Orbit “Maui-Melon-Mint” commercial, producers immediately thought of Janice Dickinson, who not only has the funniest shriek in […]

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World’s first supermodel looks positively regal as she shops in West Hollywood!

This gorgeous woman girl age-less freak of nature is not only a complete Riot, she’s an elegant one as well!! Janice Dickinson looked absolutely amazing this afternoon, as she had fun shopping in West Hollywood, at her favorite boutique, Diane von Furstenberg, on Melrose Blvd. Check out these pictures and don’t tell me this 53 […]

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Janice Dickinson is one hot riot!!

I’ve been dying to meet this chick forever, but I’m actually embarassed of standing next to her!! I mean, for starters, I’m a 25 year old kid with somewhat of a baby face _ and still I don’t even look half as good have a minimal fraction ounce of Janice Dickinson’s hotness. And, if it […]

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All you need is love, Love! Love is all you need!

Still in the mood for Valentines?  Everything is half off at Walgreens!Click on more to see some additional celebs l-o-v-e!

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The Sun’s Cover!

 This is the cover of the Sun.  This is so amazingly sad.   Can you imagine the heartache her family is going through right now?  They say that you have to reach “rock bottom” sometimes before you can get the help you really need.  They also say that someone needs to want the help that […]

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Amy Winehouse don’t you know crack is wack?!

It just makes me so sick to my stomach!  I can barely watch the video.  Have you seen it?  If I knew what I was really doing and not just playing  I would totally post the video that the British paper “The Sun” has released of the rehab singer actually smoking from a crack pipe!  I […]

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POW! Right on the kisser!

Janice Dickenson plants a big ‘ol kiss on one lucky guy! Never one to shy away from the camera Janice loves to give some true blue “P.D.A.” to her prince charming, Joe. Janice recently told Access Hollywood that if she were to have a chance to sit and talk with Britney Spears she would first […]

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