Janice Dickinson is one hot riot!!

022108_sl_dickinson22.JPGI’ve been dying to meet this chick forever, but I’m actually embarassed of standing next to her!! I mean, for starters, I’m a 25 year old kid with somewhat of a baby face _ and still I don’t even look half as good have a minimal fraction ounce of Janice Dickinson’s hotness. And, if it weren’t for my trusty shot of misused prescription study aids, I know I probably wouldn’t last all through the night!! Dancing on a bar top strip pole at noon? That depends on the situation, that I could probably manage…Ain’t she just a stunnah? Our camera crew had tons of fun, that’s fo sho!022108_sl_dickinson27.JPGPart two of the Destination Miami episode of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show airing on the 24th (original air date: 2/12/2008)!!

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