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Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Curves are in All the Right Places

There’s no way this girl can ever complain about any pregnancy weight she has gained! It has been distributed wonderfully!  In fact, cut this picture off more towards her shoulders and you wouldn’t even know she’s pregnant! Kourtney Kardashian did lunch in LA with her friends recently, after celebrating her baby shower all in the […]

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Fur-Real Kristin Cavallari?

We spotted Kristin Cavallari out and about in the most absurd feathered vest this week in LA. The Hills villain has recently been rumored to be dating another Audrina Patridge throw away, Tal Cooperman. Check out some more photos of K-Cav below.

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Paris Hilton Throws a Late Night Speed Rager

Paris Hilton looked like she was having one of those days when we spotted her out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. Things must have turned good for the heiress though, as it’s being reported that she threw a massive party at her house last night around 4am!! Oddly enough though, by the time […]

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Was Meghan McCain’s “Spontanious Night” Really That Offensive?

This Twitpic from former Presidential hopeful John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain sent the twitterverse into an uproar last night due to her revealing attire. Meghan tweeted the pic to her followers to talk about her “spontanious” night in reading books, to witch she received many responses calling her horrible names including sl*t. Besides the fact […]

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Rachel Bilson; All “Falled” Up

They say the best part of fall is the fashion!  Well it seems as if Rachel Bilson couldn’t wait to bust out the fall gear. It was one of the first all out breezy fall days in LA and Rachel  took full advantage by dressing in the high boots and heavy coat. She’s definitely got […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Charlie’s Angel

I know he’s Charlie Sheen and all, but he really landed himself a hottie this time! Can you believe that Mrs. Sheen just delivered twin boys Bob and Max earlier this year? Brooke Mueller is fully back to bein smokin’ hott! Check out some more EXCLUSIVE!!! photos of Brooke as she dines at The Ivy […]

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Girls of Middle America; Megan Fox Was Just Like You

She might be labeled one of the sexiest women alive right now, but  girls of the world are going to get a boost of self esteem after they read this one. Megan Fox used to shop(lift) at Wal-Mart!!! She says in a recent interview; “I don’t know if the ban was for life, but when […]

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Something’s Missing!

Kim Kardashian wasn’t missing from the legendary Jay-Z/DeLeon VMA  after party this weekend at 1Oak in NYC, but her ass was! Kim has been hittin’ the Quick Trim diet hard for the past few weeks, (which is pretty dang strict if you haven’t looked it up yet) but it seems to be shrinking her money […]

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Holy Hills!

Audrina Patridge posed for the new issue of Maxim Magazine and here are the photos for your viewing pleasure! I saw the cover yesterday and thought damn, she looks good, but these inside stills take it to a whole nother level! No stranger to baring it all, Audrina put the top down for the ride […]

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Sorry Pervs, but No Megan Fox Sextape For You!

Megan Fox sure knows how to break a guys heart!   Millions of boys across the world pop open their google browser each and every morning in hopes of typing in the magic words “megan fox sex tape” and hitting the jackpot when one suddenly appears, but according to the actress it ain’t gonna happen! Fox, […]

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