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Guess That Camel Toe!

A little guessing game for you children on a tiring Tuesday afternoon.   What is going on down under!?. Someone almost famous was spotted with very little breathing room in the pants grabbing a coffee in Hollywood today.   So who is this sweaty celeb?  Any guesses?   Follow me for the answer. It’s Sophie Monk!!! Sophie stopped […]

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The Reality TV Difference

What a difference three years made for Stephanie Pratt right? Starzlife spotted one of The Hills’ finest out shopping on Robertson Blvd recently and it seems like she is getting better looking with age! Given the fact she’s only 23, no longer a meth head, and has her life documented for a “reality” television series, […]

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The Boss is Back

After a long summer filming on Tybee Island in Georgia, Miley Cyrus is back in LA and back to her usual habits. Hollywood’s HBIC was out and about shopping in the Valley with mom Tish and sister Brandi when they stopped off at a Coffee Bean to grab a quick Tea. Miley’s got two new […]

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Someone Got Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Starzlife spotted Lauren Conrad EXCLUSIVELY during a day out in Hollywood this week.  And she must have been having a good day because she seemed happy to see us. The ex-Hills member looks really good when she smiles! She ought to teach Jessica Alba how.. Check out some more EXCLUSIVE photos of LC below.

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Milla Jovovich Looking Resident Evil

She just has this evil hotness about her!  It’s definitely not a bad thing. Starzlife spotted Milla Jovovich out and about in Beverly Hills waiting for her car at the valet stand. Milla flashed a smile as she chatted to a pal on the phone and posed for the camera.  You know that’s a model […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jessica Alba’s Man Hunt

Starzlife spotted Jessica Alba EXCLUSIVELY!!! as she headed off to a casting audition in Beverly Hills. Jessica was reportedly there scouting out the man who would play her significant other in an upcoming project. Wonder if she got to test them out by making out with them?  For their sake, hopefully! Jessica is currently filming […]

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A Reward

To balance out for this. Here’s a nice little gallery of Kim Kardashian ass pics. Enjoy

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Blonde Ambition

So Kim Kardashian officially went blonde this weekend.  The last time she “went blonde,” it turned out to be only a wig, but this time she’s done it for real. It’s a bit a lot J.Lo,  maybe too much.   Not something that would ever suggest, BUT it’s not a disappointment. Kim posted these photos of […]

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Woops! Another Nude Photo Scandal for Vanessa Hudgens

“I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.” Thats what Disney’s Vanessa Hudgens said when she apologized for some nude photos of herself […]

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Britney is Free.. But is it a good thing?!

What in the F is going on with Britney Spears!?! StarzLife spotted the princess of pop out driving around in LA this afternoon wearing a wet rat on her head! The good news is, she’s pretty much free of her daddy’s restraints and finally allowed to drive her car again, but the bad news is, […]

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