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Connolly Grabs the Rebound

It’s barely been a month since Sophie Monk had the most dramatic kind of break up with plastic surgeon boyfriend John Diaz, walking in on him in bed with another woman then confronting the two. It seems Entourage‘s Kevin Connolly was quick to grab the rebound on this one.  Connolly and the Australian actress/model have been […]

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Sophie Monk Dating Kevin Connoly?

The latest rumored Hollywood couple is   Sophie Monk‘s camel toe and Kevin Connoly. According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the pair was spotted dining in Los Angeles together before leaving in the same car. Monk and Connoly met in 2007 when she was a guest star on Entourage, however she was in a relationship at the […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Super Skinny Sophie Monk

Check out these EXCLUSIVE!!! photos of a super skinny Sophie Monk heading to a hair salon in Beverly Hills. Sophie was decked out in her signature tights, which have been known to be a little revealing in the past, however this time she managed to cover up her CT with a long tank. She recently […]

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Marlon Wayans is That You?

Nope, unfortunately (for her) it’s Sophie Monk! The usually hott Aussie model was spotted out and about in LA this weekend looking a bit like Marlon Wayans’ character from 2004’s  ‘White Chicks’. We don’t expect her to be all glammed up to go to the gym, however this comparison was too good to look past! […]

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Sophie Splits With Plastic Surgeon

Bad news for Sophie Monk’s face, her boyfriend, who doubles as her plastic surgeon, have broken up with her. Though she insists her split from Dr. John Diaz was a clean one, telling a Sydney radio station; “He is a lovely guy and we’re still really good friends so there is nothing crazy about the […]

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Sophie Monk Being ‘Hassle-Hoffed’

Wouldn’t this be a strange couple!? According to Sophie Monk, she considers David Hasselhoff some what of a stalker. The two worked together on the film ‘Click,’ so it’s not as creepy as it sounds.  (David Hasselhoff stalking Sophie Monk DOES sound very creepy) In a recent interview she revealed; “I’ve been stalked by the […]

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Sophie Monk: Dazed and Confused

Sometimes you just have one of those days!  For Sophie Monk, it must have been one of those days. Sophie looked a bit out of it as she lunched with a friend in Hollywood this weekend after an apparent trip to the gym. Sophie usually looks on top of her game, even in her gym […]

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Sophie Monk’s New Roomate: The Bodyguard

After an attempted break in at her LA home, Sophie Monk has decided to hire a live in body guard to protect her from any crazies. The Australian born actress has been in fear ever since learning she had acquired a stalker with her beauty and recent fame. In a recent interview she says; “There […]

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Here’s Sophie Monk displaying her manicured hands to our cameras. She also did some other stuff. Starzlife was there.

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Guess That Camel Toe!

A little guessing game for you children on a tiring Tuesday afternoon.   What is going on down under!?. Someone almost famous was spotted with very little breathing room in the pants grabbing a coffee in Hollywood today.   So who is this sweaty celeb?  Any guesses?   Follow me for the answer. It’s Sophie Monk!!! Sophie stopped […]

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