Sophie Monk’s New Roomate: The Bodyguard


After an attempted break in at her LA home, Sophie Monk has decided to hire a live in body guard to protect her from any crazies.

The Australian born actress has been in fear ever since learning she had acquired a stalker with her beauty and recent fame.

In a recent interview she says;

“There was this guy who was following me for a few weeks. He actually tried to break into my house. I think everyone thinks because I’m in L.A. I live in a mansion with cameras everywhere, when really I live in this small place with not much security. I nearly got a restraining order but then I just thought, I’ll move Max in instead.”

If her recent straight to DVD movie, The Hills Run Red, does well, maybe she’ll be movin’ on up to that mansion in the hills!

Not sure why she has a stalker though.  She’s cute and all, but not stalking cute…

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