Mickey Rourke’s Step Father Made Him the Way He is


Mickey Rourke was once a prominent actor in Hollywood, before a decade of drugs and alcohol made his career virtually disappear.

He made his return to the big screen in 2008’s Oscar nominated film The Wrestler, but he hasn’t forgotten about the past.

Some label him as crazy, but he’s got an excuse for his antics.  In a recent interview, Rourke blames it all on his step father, whom he claims beat him as a child and made him the way he is.  He says;

“My stepfather used to crack my head just because he felt like it. He was physically abusive to my mother. I hated the f**ker for hurting her, for making her afraid. For years, I wanted nothing more than to take him down.”

“When I was an adult, I would fight everywhere, anywhere, for anything; I think it was related to my stepfather. I was drinking and taking drugs. I was angry and crazy and ashamed. I’d been kicked around a lot, so I figured the way to fix this was to lash out.”

So was Mickey’s resurrection in The Wrestler just a one hit wonder type of thing?  Or is he back?

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