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Ashton Kutcher Furious Over Use Of Name in Sex Tape Promotion

Ashton Kutcher is furious over the use of his name in a press release by Vivid Entertainment promoting a sex tape with his alleged mistress, Brittany Jones. Ashton’s lawyer fired off a legal letter to Vivid that read: “It is clear that the use of our client’s name is a principal selling point of the […]

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Ashton Kutcher Punks TMZ With Pop Chips

Check out this hilarious new video from Ashton Kutcher and Pop Chips. They spoofed TMZ on TV by filming all of the TMZ employees outside of their offices. Pretty funny!

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: Time to Address the Cheating Scandal!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have taken a get away trip to the Holy Land of Israel rather than facing the whole cheating scandal with Brittany Jones back here in LA. The couple do more than there share of goodness in the world with their ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ campaign using the celebs status for […]

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Ashton Kutcher Saving His Marriage in Israel

So is this ALMOST like an admission of guilt? Just this weekend, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore departed from a plane at LAX.   Where to?  Israel! Kutcher tweeted just before take-off: “Sharing Love & Light while in Israel,” “Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences.” Maybe […]

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Ashton’s “Mistress” Continues to Come Up With More Info and the Kutchers Continue to Ignore It

Brittney Jones continues to reveal more and more information about the sex life of Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher. Just when we start to think we’ve heard the last from the 21 year old alleged mistress she has more to add to the story.  Radar Online reports she’s now claiming that Ashton and Demi have an […]

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Justin Bieber to Host Punk’d Revival

Because it actually was a hilarious show, MTV is bringing back  Punk’d. Unfortunatly, Ashton Kutcher is too busy  fighting off mistress accusations  with his acting career, that they have to bring in a new host. The host: Justin Bieber. Smart decision!   He’s a kid, he’s pretty funny, and he looks like the type to play […]

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Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress Digging a Hole…To China

This Brittney Jones girl just keeps digging herself deeper, and deeper. The affair story was a 50/50 toss up.  The fact that one of her friends came out and said she was obsessed with Ashton swayed it in his direction 60/40.  Then there was the report of text messages between the two, which if verified […]

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Did Ashton Kutcher Send Alleged Mistress Sleazy Texts?

This could be ugly if there’s proof! The new issue of Star Magazine claims that there are text messages between Brittney Jones and Ashton Kutcher, starting the night that they met! Jones claims she slipped Kutcher her number at the bowling alley while he was there with his wife, and that he began texting her […]

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Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress Was “Obsessed”

Someone close to Britney Jones, the girl who is claiming to have had an affair with Ashton Kutcher, has told RadarOnline that the girl used to be “obsessed” with Ashton, and he was the one celebs she had her sights set on. “She told me once that he was by far the number one celebs […]

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Ashton Kutcher’s Lawyer Responds to Cheating Allegations

Ashton Kutcher’s attorney has released the following statement regarding  these cheating allegations. “Star Magazine continuously publishes lies about Ashton Kutcher and many other celebrities. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time they engage in reckless conduct.” Who do YOU believe?

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