Did Ashton Kutcher Send Alleged Mistress Sleazy Texts?

This could be ugly if there’s proof!

The new issue of Star Magazine claims that there are text messages between Brittney Jones and Ashton Kutcher, starting the night that they met!

Jones claims she slipped Kutcher her number at the bowling alley while he was there with his wife, and that he began texting her later that night!

Kutcher reportedly wrote “what are you wearing now” in one of the messages.

Jones claims the text continued over the next month, and they even tried to schedule their next meet up, but Ashton couldn’t talk at the time because he was “with his daughter.”

Well that’s easy, someone take her phone and verify the number the texts came from, and that it matches Kutcher’s number.

Again not the most original texts she’s come up with here, so why not just prove it?

Demi Moore posted the above photo just this weekend of her hanging with Ashton on the set of her new film in Detroit.

Is she trying to send a message of happier times?

More info on the text messages in the new issue of Star Magazine

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  1. September 22, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    You think after him reading all the stories about the texting from Tiger Woods and David Boreanz to their affairs he would have been smarter. They never learn do they? Another one enters the hall of shame.

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