Dirty Mouth?  Clean it up!  New Orbit ad featuring Janice Dickinson is hilarious!

0.JPGNow I want me some Maui-Melon-Mint!

It’s not surprising that when searching for a fun, silly gal to play the bi*chy model in a new Orbit “Maui-Melon-Mint” commercial, producers immediately thought of Janice Dickinson, who not only has the funniest shriek in town, her Hawaiian hot dancing ain’t too far off either!  Here she is after being spotted by paparazzi, while leaving the plastic surgeon’s office last week.  Dickinson was surprised to be caught by our camera boys, but, as usual, she decided to have herself some fun, and made the best of the situation!  I’m telling you guys, this hot MILF is a total blast, and she has enough energy to leave us all behind!  Plus, I’m just loving her comedic streak!

a.JPGEdit: Soon we’ll be posting a link to the entire picture album, but for now I hope you enjoy these funny shots!e.JPG

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