Raggedy Anne here might have some explainin’ to do!


Role model to kid sisters everywhere, Lindsay Lohan might soon see herself nude in the media again, but this time unknowingly, and thanks to one dirty ex-beau, possibly Calum Best.


According to, the chick on this video spreading like wildfire on the internet today could actually be Lindsay Lohan!

So there’s a couple o’ still pics zooming around the Internet today….purportedly from a sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan and ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend Calum Best. …aka scumbag.

Quick! Someone send Ali to a convent or something!  We need to get this LiLo-loving child AWAY to anyplace free of tabloids and internet, she must be saved!  …Maybe a third world country could do her good.  God knows it worked wonders for Angelina.

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