Demi Moore comes clean – literally!

Moore reveals the secret to staying young and in your prime!

21.jpgDon’t be ashamed, Demi! The technique sucks, but if it works…

So, last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, Demi Moore revealed her beauty secret… Used for centuries as a detox mechanism and sexual health treatment; leech therapy now seems to be the hottest thing in LA block! Well, at least for Demi Moore, who had it done in Austria in order to have it sound less gross and more exotic:

Just a week ago I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy… It detoxifies your blood and they have a little enzyme that when they’re biting down on you gets released into your blood… Generally you bleed for quite a bit and it detoxifies your blood… They start in a spot for me that is a horrible spot: my belly button. It crawls in and you feel it bite down on you… and then you just watch it swell up and get fatter and fatter and then when it’s super drunk on your blood it just kinda rolls over like it’s stumbling out of a bar…

Drunk leeches on/in my tummy? It’s a good thing I’ve got myself a pretty hot dude, ‘cuz that’s something I’d kinda like to pass up! Then again, boy toy or not, It’d be pretty cool waking up each day and looking this hot, or at least half as hot as Demi Moore!

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