Janice Dickinson is in L-O-V-E!

Could wedding plans be underway?

031608_sl_dickinson14.JPGAhh, love!

HOT Janice Dickinson has been spotted vacationing on the beach in Hawaii with her very successful boyfriend!  Janice has been smiling more than ever lately, and she’s never looked better!  Maybe there are wedding plans in the making?  Whatever it is, I’m super happy for Janice Dickinson, she’s positively glowing!  Her new man is definitely one lucky dude!  Although, I have to say, New Boyfriend must be pretty special himself, keeping this super fun and energetic bi*ch content and by his side!

CLICK HERE for more fun pictures of this sexy momma!  AND here, AND here!

Maybe now that Janice Dickinson is on cloud nine, she’ll even consider taking in a few fat, Latina, midget bloggers models to make famous via her agency!  Cross your fingers y’all, if I make it big, you’ll get all the nitty gritty from behind closed doors, and even more of that good, ol’ “anorexic envy” you all love!

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