“Pop Fiction sucks!”

Ashton Kutcher: Depressed by the downfall of his new show, drives like a maniac and almost kills an elderly tourist couple!!

01.JPGNot as much fun anymore, is it, Asthon?

So not only is Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Fiction a total rip off, it also sucks ass, big time; and in a very predictable kinda way.  Everyone is on to the show’s antics and lack of creativity, making it extremely difficult to tape new episodes.  Kutcher thought he had it made, but he’s been made the victim of his own joke.  The world has finally Punk’d Ashton Kutcher, and he’s not taking it well at all!

This afternoon, some of my BFFs had to console an elderly couple who was almost killed by Ashton’s crazy driving, probably caused by all the intense media pressure, as ratings for Pop Fiction continue to decline and the tabloids fail to take the plunge.

As reported by msnbc.com:

“Ashton’s not a journalist,” a magazine editor told the Daily News.  “One of the stories was about Avril Lavigne being pregnant.  But everyone watched her in Miami, and reporters caught her drinking.  A fake belly doesn’t get by us.”  Besides, the magazines get the tip-off before Ashton’s crew has a chance to pull a “punk,” according to the source.  “There’s nothing these people do that we don’t know about before they get there. We know everything. Ninety percent of their lives are put together by other people.  It’s almost like these celebs have LoJack.  It’s easy to track them.”

So, people, Ashton Kutcher seems to have gone a little coo-coo!  The dude is really getting into the Pop Fiction mode and character, and thinks everyone around him is trying to cash in on his “success” and hot bod (a/k/a pasty-white, fugly ass!)  He’s even had several random vehicles stopped by the cops for allegedly “stalking” him, as they consistently drove behind him for a whole block and a half!

Oh, Ashton, come on!!  I know you must feel special ‘cuz you got the good end of the deal, but you’re really not that big, seriously (unless, of course, you’ve pulled the biggest Punk’d of all time, fooling us all into accepting some cases of pedophilia, being the hypocrite, star-struck beings we all are. . .  In which case, even this sour fatty would worship you and actually sit to watch the stupid show)

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