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The Boss Is Down With Marriage Equality

The boss has spoken. And he’s not down with bigots. Born In The USA singer and the original New Jersey Shore guy, Bruce Springsteen has come out for the gays in a big way – by penning his support for New Jersey’s gay marriage bill. Writes the Boss: “Like many of you who live in […]

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NFL Hottie Stands Up For The Gays!

We’re not really the sporty type, but things can change! Example of the year? Hot NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, who’s speaking up for The Gays! In an article for Huffington Post, Ayanbadejo writes: “Looking at the former restrictions on human rights in our country starting with slavery, women not being able to vote, blacks being […]

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GLAAD Mad At Correct Use of “Gay” to Describe Gay Stuff

GLAAD has to be a fake organization comprised of right-wing anti-gay zealots who are trying to paint gays as rigid, humorless, thought-Nazis, right? I’m starting to sincerely suspect that GLAAD’s press releases are written by Southern Baptist preachers in an effort to make the country collectively roll its eyes and say, “Get OVER it already! Sheesh, […]

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T.R. Knight would consider adoption.

Greys Anatomy actor T.R. Knight is enjoying his new relationship and would consider adopting a child.

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GLAAD Awards Shenanigans

Ugly Betty won Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row. As Silvio Horta was making a heartfelt acceptance speech, Micheal Urie and Becki Newton decided to play class clowns. Michael Urie pulled on-set dresser Giovanni Aurilia to the front of the stage. “He’s really strong,” Urie cooed. “Open your jacket. Pick up […]

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