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NFL Hottie Stands Up For The Gays!

We’re not really the sporty type, but things can change! Example of the year? Hot NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, who’s speaking up for The Gays! In an article for Huffington Post, Ayanbadejo writes: “Looking at the former restrictions on human rights in our country starting with slavery, women not being able to vote, blacks being […]

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Brad Pitt Won’t Tie The Knot Until The Gays Can

Tinseltown’s biggest family man is also one of the Gays most unlikely supporters. Angelina’s hubby and Jen‘s ex, Brad Pitt shares some compassionate tidbits in a cover story for right-wing syndicated magazine ‘Parade‘ this Sunday. (Yep, the magazine even published a “story” by Fox moron Bill Article in the same ish.) So kids, why won’t […]

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