Well, you know she’s kind of ANAL…

Xtina is soo sex deprived…xtina_blog_11.jpgDid you know Christina Aguilera actually chose to have a C-section?  Yep she’s that anal!  She wants to control everything, even down her kids’ birth dates!  So, with that in mind, it definitely came as no shocker at all when Christina told Ellen DeGeneris this morning that when it came time to throw her newborn baby Max a bris, she decided to decorate the entire place with huge, penis-shaped balloons:

“You know, we are not a very conservative couple, and I definitely like to have fun with things and be festive and go all out!  For decorations, we put up BIG penis balloons all over the place — blue and white.  It was really fun, it was really great…  Big penis balloons, for our family we got big ones…  there you go, baby!”

Nope, not surprised!  I mean, Aguilera is so anal, I’m sure she must be pretty sex deprived and desperate by now.  She’s probably had her hubby, Jordan Bratman, sleeping on the couch hammock for the past 10-odd months!  I bet that by now she’s only thinking about penises, all the time.  Either that, or she just slipped that penis comment in hopes of setting sexual boundaries for Ellen.  I mean, Xtina does think everyone wants to bang her!  This is the girl who posed naked while pregnant, called the pictures “sexy”, and hung them up, life-seized, on all her walls; the girl who thinks she looks good in all sorts of ’50’s drab and crimson lips; the same girl who actually wanted a C-section!  And, if that is not a case of extreme, delusional self-confidence, I don’t know what is.

Don’t worry, Xtina.  I know its hard to believe, but I’m sure Ellen doesn’t want to rub your genie…  She’s just too cool for that.xtinapreggers.jpg50.jpg

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