Scientologists are cool with cheating!

But if someone ends up getting jealous or depressed, they best be coping with breathing exercises, or else!021408_sl_cruise07.JPGtommy2.JPGWell, cuddle me silly, y’all!!  Looks like Tiny Cruise here had himself one heck of a Valentine’s Day!!  First, he got to spend one very “romantic” afternoon, playing dress-up with his wifie, Katie “Stepford” Holmes, and their baby girl, Suri “The Others” Cruise.  Afterwards, Mr. Tom Cruise dropped Katie off for her scheduled maintenance at the Geek Squad, and left baby Suri at home with their Martian Nanna.  He then proceeded to head out the door (with a fresh, happier spring to his step, may I add), hop into his spaceship, and fly right into Beverly Hills (thankfully, he flew by no accidents on the way), where he meet up with hot-ass Mrs. Robinson here!!  And boy, was he happy to see this new potential invester “friend”!!hi.JPGkiss1.JPGtommy2.JPGTom Cruise and his mystery babe spent long, cuddly, daytime and nighttime hours together.  They were then spotted entering an apartment building from which they have yet to resurface.

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