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Jennifer Aniston plain Jane? According to 77yr old Joan Collins she is.

Angelina Jolie with movie star looks and dowdy old Jennifer Aniston inferred ¬†Joan Collins to the Daily Mail. Joan has made a career wearing too much make up and styled wigs and calling it Hollywood Glamour. It’s just a no no to compare the two, Angelina ran off with Jens husband and besides most people […]

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Joan Collins Has Landed In L.A!

If that headline doesn’t excite you then you’re either straight or under 80. Or Joan Collins herself! The eternally-youthful star (Joan lists her age at 40-something, but various sources confirm she’s close to 100) sat down with KABC News L.A. to discuss her latest exciting project: a one-woman show for Southern Californian audiences! Dressed in […]

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Joan Collins has a big ol’ mushroom growing out of her head…

But hey, she’s still looking mighty hot – for an old lady, of course.“Who, me?” Yes, you!

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Joan Collins gets run over by a Volvo

Just kidding. Joan Collins had a close call this afternoon in a parking lot in Beverly Hills today. Never one to shy away from the camera, Ms. Collins stayed focused on the pap and totally ignored the car that was careening toward her. Oh well, close call. Not to be cold or anything, but I […]

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