Joan Collins Has Landed In L.A!


If that headline doesn’t excite you then you’re either straight or under 80. Or Joan Collins herself!

The eternally-youthful star (Joan lists her age at 40-something, but various sources confirm she’s close to 100) sat down with KABC News L.A. to discuss her latest exciting project: a one-woman show for Southern Californian audiences! Dressed in head-to-toe Nolan Miller, Joan encouraged L.A. folk to come on down to check out her acting chops in “An Evening With Joan Collins.”

And the destination for this edge-of-your-seat theatre? Look out Broadway – Joan’s headlining Cal State Northridge Performing Arts Center!

Says Joan of the show’s racy content:
I would like people to say, ‘She’s had a tough life but she’s a survivor!’ We have film, photographs, we have clips from movies, e have outtakes, we have scenes!

But do we have Dynasty? Explains Joan of her career-defining role as an eighties superbitch:

I started off as playing juvenile delinquents and girls gone wrong. And segued from that into being the bitch. We talk about that.”

And her recent TV movie with Shirley McClaine and Debbie Reynolds in ‘These Old Broads?’

“A lot of people who saw it said it was really fun but a lot of people didn’t watch it because of the title “These Old Broads.” My god, we looked great!”

And attention Trekkies! Did you know Joan once played Captain Kirk’s love interest on Star Trek?

We’ll let Miss Collins explain that one:

“It was the first time that Captain Kirk fell in love. I think we had a kiss, but I can’t remember!”

Can’t remember? Now that’s a part of ‘An Evening With Joan Collins’ we don’t want to see!

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