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Jennifer Aniston plain Jane? According to 77yr old Joan Collins she is.

Angelina Jolie with movie star looks and dowdy old Jennifer Aniston inferred  Joan Collins to the Daily Mail. Joan has made a career wearing too much make up and styled wigs and calling it Hollywood Glamour. It’s just a no no to compare the two, Angelina ran off with Jens husband and besides most people […]

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John Mayer STRONGLY Denies He and Aniston Are Back Together

John Mayer doesn’t want anyone to think he and Jennifer Aniston are back together and he’s going to great lengths to make sure no one does. On his blog Mayer dissected a Huffington Post piece that claimed the couple reunited.  He breaks down all the misinformation and bad reporting in the piece titled John Mayer […]

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Jennifer Aniston NOT Joining Scream

The BIGGEST Scream 4 Casting news yet! Looks as if Courtney Cox has talked her real life ‘Friend’ Jennifer Aniston into appearing in the 4th slasher film. Sources are claiming that Aniston will appear in the film, but only as the character who gets killed in the opening sequence. Ala Drew Barrymore, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. […]

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Jennifer Aniston Flashes Smart Water Abs

Jennifer Aniston looks smoking hot in this new ad  for Smart Water. The girl is 41 years old!!!  Women around the world should try to get an in with her and Courtney Cox and take notes on whatever their friend circle’s secret is. Wow!

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Courtney Cox Bringing More ‘Friends’ to Cougartown

Great news for Cougar Town fans!  Courtney Cox is planning to follow up the cameo by Lisa Kudrow with a cameo from Jennifer Aniston. Cox once teamed up with Aniston post Friends on her short lived series, Dirt, and now shes promised the producer of her new show as a birthday president that she’d make […]

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The Soup Knocks It Out of the Park With This One

Please, please, please let me make it abundantly clear that I love every Friend, and by that, I do not mean every Quaker. While I think Jennifer Aniston gets a bad rap, and that she seems like a pretty cool chick, this Soup skit is hilarious in how accurately vicious it is in satirizing Rachel’s […]

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Jen to Adopt.

Jennifer Aniston’s biological clock is tickin’ and since she’s had no luck with children from her past three relationships,  it looks as if she might be ready to take matters into her own hand. According to the new Star, Aniston is getting everything together to adopt a child. Though, unlike her mortal enemy Angelina, she’s […]

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 john mayer

John Mayer Dumped Jennifer Aniston Because…

The split between John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston has been confirmed to People Magazine by the rep, though no reason for the breakup has been given specifically. All thats being reported is that John broke up with Jennifer after she returned home from a promotional tour for Marley & Me, which I’m just as confused […]

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Bye Bye!

Jennifer Aniston has been deep in the spotlight ever since Brad Pitt left her a few years back, and clearly she’s never been a fan. Jennifer recently told Britain’s Elle magazine that she dreams of a day when she can skip out of town to a place where people don’t really care about her. Says […]

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If She Had a Dollar for Every Time…

Jen Aniston is on the cover of another magazine being accused of being pregnant. Is she?  Not usually, ya never know.  Her and boyfriend John Mayer have been a little more public with their relationship as of late. Times a’ tickin too!

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