Bye Bye!


Jennifer Aniston has been deep in the spotlight ever since Brad Pitt left her a few years back, and clearly she’s never been a fan.

Jennifer recently told Britain’s Elle magazine that she dreams of a day when she can skip out of town to a place where people don’t really care about her.

Says the former Friends star,

“I don’t have a game plan. I don’t think that in five years’ time I need to be doing this or that. You set yourself up for disappointment that way. It seems unnecessary torture. I can see myself taking a few years off, living somewhere remote. I would miss acting. But… eventually, I’m not going to be living in L.A. full-time. Eventually I’m going to move somewhere nobody really cares. Just go off and be alone.”

Doesn’t she realize that in 5 years time people probably aren’t going to care about her as much anyways? Some former actors and actresses can live in LA peacefully these days, because people have forgotten about them!

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