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Courteney Cox Talks Split

We know David Arquette is living the life since his split with Courteney Cox, but now a breath of fresh air that Courteney Cox is not sitting at home sulking over the breakup of her marriage. In one of her first chats since the news, Cox told Britain’s Hello Magazine: “I’ve been lying really low […]

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Courteney Cox on David Arquette Split: “It’s Not Like We’re Getting Divorced”

For the first time since announcing their separation, Courteney Cox made it pretty clear during a TV interview that she has no plans to divorce David Arquette. Cox says in a new interview with Australia’s TV Week; “I don’t know what will happen, but this is not like we’re getting divorced.  This is a separation […]

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Courteney Cox and David Arquette, what really went down?

After letting sink in what seemed like the perfect couples marriage crumble before our eyes. Stories of open marriage, cheating,” I’m not your mother” and a heart wrenching statement. But what really went down? Didn’t it seem kind of weird that the next day David Arquette rushes to talk to Howard Stern revealing he had […]

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Courteney Cox Offered One Million Dollars From Cougar Site

Now that Courteney Cox is on the market, sort of… She’s got an offer that although sounds tuff to turn down, she probably will., a site for women who are seeking to date younger men has offered Cox a sum of $1 million dollars to be the face of their site, according to TMZ. […]

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Courtney Cox and David Arquette Separate after Eleven Years of Marriage

This is absolutely horrible news!  TMZ is reporting that  Courtney Cox and David Arquette have separated, after eleven years of marriage. The couple who met on the set of Scream 1 has aparently been split for months now, after some photos were revealed which showed David with a girl he’d been intimate with. The pair […]

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Courtney Cox: Cougar Tank

You can’t blame the  time slot, because it was lead by the highly rated ‘Modern Family’, and you can’t blame the other networks, because NOTHING was on last night. So can you blame Jennifer Aniston? Cougar Town took a dive in the ratings last night.  down from last season and finishing in third place for […]

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Friends Reunited! Jen to Join Courtney on Cougartown!

Courtney Cox’s real life BFF Jennifer Aniston will be joining her for an appearance on Cox’s hit show, Cougar Town this coming season. Aniston, who’s new flick, The Switch, brought in only 8 million at the box office this weekend, will play Cox’s character’s therapist in the September 22, season 2 premiere. Since their Friends […]

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Courtney Cox to do Alabama PSA’s

Once Courtney Cox wraps on Scream 4, she’s going to try and do some good for her old neighborhood. An Alabama native, Cox is going to film a series of PSA ‘s trying to lure tourists to the Alabama beaches, which were ravaged by the BP Oil Spill. Courtney will reportedly tell tales of her […]

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Jennifer Aniston NOT Joining Scream

The BIGGEST Scream 4 Casting news yet! Looks as if Courtney Cox has talked her real life ‘Friend’ Jennifer Aniston into appearing in the 4th slasher film. Sources are claiming that Aniston will appear in the film, but only as the character who gets killed in the opening sequence. Ala Drew Barrymore, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. […]

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Courtney Cox Not ‘Cougar’ Enough?

Not necessarily!  Anyone who has seen ABC’s  ‘Cougartown‘ knows that Courtney Cox is smokin’ hot! However, apparently not enough people have seen Cougartown, because the shows creators are looking to re-brand the series and come up with a new name for season two. Says co-creator Bill Lawrence; “You would be hard-pressed to watch the last […]

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