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He’s Not a Cheater, She’s Not Pregnant.

Just when Casey Aldridge got to break his silence on a magazine cover next to a cute Jamie Lynn Spears with the sub-title “We Want Baby Maddie to Be Part of Our Wedding Day” causing everyone in America to collectively go ‘awwwwwww’ before vomiting at the sight of Samantha Ronson in a bikini to the […]

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Casey Got Another Woman Pregnant. Jamie Lynn to LA.

Jamie Lynn Spears was rumored to have moved out of her home with Casey Aldridge after learning of his past cheating in this issue of inTouch Magazine.  But now that Kelli Dawson, the other hoe involved, saw that her 15 minutes of fame only lasted for about 8.5, she decided to tell something she left […]

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“Tell Alls” are the New Black.

There’s been a ton of ordinary people coming out of the woodwork lately with a “tell all” story exposing a famous celebrity.  The latest to have the beans spilled about them is Casey Aldridge, the guy who is famous for bangin’ Britney Spears’ sister and getting her pregnant.

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It’s Maddie Briann!

Here’s the first photo of the newest addition to the Spears gang.  Maddie Briann!  The photo, which will run in the newest issue of OK! Magazine, shows a very “recovered” looking 17 year old mother, Jamie Lynn Spears, and her new daughter. 

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Aunt Britney!

She’s an aunt y’all! Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a child early this morning, details after the cut. 

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Beverly Hills That’s where I wanna be!

I Just saw a sign in Beverly Hills where Wilshire and Santa Monica intersect that said “no cell phones in cars and then flashed no smoking in cars with children under 18.” My sources tell me that it isn’t a law but it is something that is being strongly “encouraged.” No wonder Jamie Lynn Spears […]

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WTF are they thinking? HELP US!!!  Jamie Lynn Spears’ show Zoey 101 returned for another season despite rumors that Nickelodeon was debating whether to air it. Apparently the ratings extravaganza for the last season finale convinced them to bring it back even though parents were worried about the message Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy sends to kids. The AP reports: […]

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