It’s Maddie Briann!


Here’s the first photo of the newest addition to the Spears gang.  Maddie Briann!  The photo, which will run in the newest issue of OK! Magazine, shows a very “recovered” looking 17 year old mother, Jamie Lynn Spears, and her new daughter. 

Jamie Lynn’s mother, Lynn Spears, sold the photos to OK! back in December, for the price of $1 million dollars, behind her own pregnant teenage daughters back, and that was said to have caused tension between mom and little J, but I’m betting now that the moneys in the bank, Britney’s sister is having no trouble buying whatever the heck she wants, because face it, the baby was comin out no matter what, this is just pocket change.

Jamie Lynn and her baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge, a pipe layer, or cleaner, or both, have already bought a house in the Mississippi area, and made some plans to get married.

OK! has been wheelin and dealin for baby pics this month, also snatching up the first shots of Stella Doreen McDermott, daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and are in the middle of a $15 million dollar battle with People magazine for the exclusives of the Jolie-Pitt twins, which will be poppin out in the south of France, by next Tuesday!!

photo via: OK!

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