Casey Got Another Woman Pregnant. Jamie Lynn to LA.

Jamie Lynn Spears was rumored to have moved out of her home with Casey Aldridge after learning of his past cheating in this issue of inTouch Magazine.  But now that Kelli Dawson, the other hoe involved, saw that her 15 minutes of fame only lasted for about 8.5, she decided to tell something she left out of the original “tell all.”  Casey got her pregnant!

The latest drama out of  Lousianna or Missouri or wherever the heck they live, (it’s all the same)  is that Casey Aldridge got Kelli Dawson pregnant during their fling in 2007!

This is where things get interesting/ who the f knows what  to believe,  some reports say that Dawson miscarried the baby,  and others are saying she got an abortion so that Casey could cash in on a marrige to Jamie Lynn.

It’s all supposed to be revealed in part 2 of the interview Dawson did with inTouch, where Dawson also claims she has proof of the pregnancy and DNA tests that show Casey was da daddy.  Can they even do that??? Someone get Maury Povich on the line.

In other ‘good for Jamie Lynn Spears and potentially good for the rest of us dreamers” news,  Britney has apparently offered her sis and the baby to come live with her and the boys here in LA, even offering to give her a private separate wing of her new home.

It might be good for JLS to get away from the hicks and sticks,  and think of the possibilities.. That has reality show written all over it.   If they gave one to Denise Richards.. anything is possible.

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