“Hate is the New Love.” Interview with Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra.

Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra recently sat down with Moviefone.com to discuss the release of their new movie, Disaster Movie, and much much more.  The girls talk about everything from  auditioning for the movie,  to  having their personal space invaded,  and even  their take on  today’s gossip  pages.  Check out some highlights from the interview  after this.

Disaster Movie hits theaters this Friday, August 29th, and it will mark Kardashian’s first trip to the big screen.  For Electra, she’s a spoof veteran.  Disaster Movie will be her sixth appearance in a spoof film.  Check out what some of the girls had to say in their interview.

How did you guys get involved with ‘Disaster Movie’?

Electra: I’ve worked with Aaron [Seltzer] and Jason [Friedberg] from ‘Scary Movie’ to ‘Date Movie’ to ‘Epic Movie,’ ‘Meet the Spartans’ and now ‘Disaster Movie.’ So for me it was a no-brainer. I love working with the guys, and when I heard that I was gonna get a chance to work with Kim in a really fun spoof on the WWE, I was really excited. I watch her show all the time and think she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Kardashian: I auditioned for this. It was actually my first audition, and I got the role. And it’s my first movie. I had heard what a great reputation Aaron and Jason have had, and I was just so excited to come on board. And then when I found out Carmen was doing it — I know that she had done these movies before — so I know that she would help me feel comfortable.

Are you guys able to walk around in public without being hassled? Do you ever have experiences with people coming too close to your space?

Electra: I had a weird experience when I was working at MTV. We were shooting an opening of a new restaurant or something. And we were in a different city. I flew in, and I was all by myself because it was one of my first jobs. And I didn’t have anyone with me at all. I flew in, and the driver picked me up and took me to the hotel. And there was a guy in the lobby with a clipboard. He said he was from MTV and sort of had the rundown of my schedule and took me up to my room and was in my room with me. I was hanging out with this guy for the entire day. And finally the phone rings and I said, “Answer it,” because I was getting ready. And the people from MTV freaked out because they didn’t know who he was. It turns out he was a stalker, so they arrested him.

Kardashian: Oh my God. That’s creepy.

Electra: Yeah. It was just a weird kind of thing. Now I usually travel with a friend or with someone, and it’s all good. Everyone’s respectful. But that was the really weird situation I had.

Aaron and Jason’s movies tend to get torn up by critics, but people still flock to them. What does the moviegoing public see that the critics don’t?

Electra: I think people want to laugh. And sort of make fun of pop culture and everything that’s happening. And critics usually don’t … you know, they usually go for not-so-obvious jokes. But the kids love it, and they go see it and support our movies. That’s all that really matters.

Kardashian: I think the numbers speak for themselves. I really don’t think that critics … it’s just kind of like everything else … on all the blogs that you read, all the comments could be nasty, but the person’s so popular. So I have a new “hate is the new love” theory. And I just think that the movies speak for themselves.

The interview continues with talking about some of the rumors and stories that get reported on a daily basis about these girls.  You don’t want to miss the part where one of them talks about being caught lighting a raccoon on fire in Compton, California…
To check out the rest of this interview, visit MovieFone by clicking here.
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