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Kim Kardashian brings down Kanye West career!

According to the New York Daily News Kim Kardashian is having a negative effect on the career or her boo Kanye West. With the pair of them making too many public appearances, showing up to the opening of an envelope saturating the media with stories and pictures.  Guess people are tired of them mugging for […]

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NYT Disses DASH’s New NYC Store

New York City is a long way both physically and style-wise from Calabasas and might have been too far a leap for the Kardashian’s store DASH to take. NYC is where the big boys play fashion, people with decades or cred, experience and vision. That shiny shit that passes for fashion in Miami 9 times […]

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Kim Kardashian Dating Kris Humphries: Isn’t Kris Her Mom’s Name?

Kim Kardashian has broken up with Gabriel Aubry, her model boyfriend and we were hoping this meant whinny spinster Kim was going to be back! The two had been together for about three hours, but before then Kim was on a rampage talking and talking about how she couldn’t believe she was the single one […]

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Women Dominate Highest Paid Reality Star List

There are very few professions where woman make more than men, prositution, pornography and now it seems reality TV. The Daily Beats compiled a list of the highest earning reality TV stars and it looks like woman, a lot with the name Kardashian, are dominating. The list is high on dollars and low on actual […]

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Khloe Kardashian’s Talks About Loosing Her Virginity

I bet you’re wondering what could be so confidential in the Kardashian’s new book, Kardashian Konfidential considering they are known primarily for doing nothing but living in public, oh and a sex tape.  Well, the K’s visited The View and Khloe told the ladies all about loosing her virginity,  you know to help young girls. The […]

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Kim Kardashian Says ‘Someday’ to Plastic Surgery.

Kim Kardashian recently announced on her blog that her step daddy Bruce Jenner was the recent recipient of some plastic surgery.  So at last night’s Maxim Hot 100 party, which Kim is featured as number 53, Kim was asked if she would ever be up for a little nip and tuck. Kim’s response; “I would […]

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Dodgers Lose Manny, Gain Fanny.

Forget Manny Ramirez, Kim Kardashian looks good in Dodger blue! Kim, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe and mom Kris were all on the hand to throw out the first pitch at last nights Dodger game. Last night was also the night the Dodgers won their 13th in a row at home breaking a record […]

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Kim Kardashian is FantASStic.

We spotted Kim Kardashian leaving Sur restaurant in West Hollywood this afternoon, and she looks great! Kim just returned home from a trip  from NYC/New Orleans and she just couldnt wait to get out there and show off her big ass in front of the cameras. In a short blue Skirt, Kim made sure photographers […]

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Don’t drink and drive amigos! Don’t drink and drive amigos! Don’t drink and drive amigos! Don’t drink and drive amigos! Don’t drink and drive amigos!

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Dr. Kim Says…

“Don’t drink bottled water thats been left in a car!Heat reacts w the chemicals in the plastic bottle which releases dioxin into the water. Dioxin is a toxin increasingly found in breast cancer tissue..So please pass along 2 all woman! Don’t drink bottled water left in a car.” -Dr. Kim Kardashian advises all women this […]

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