“Tell Alls” are the New Black.

There’s been a ton of ordinary people coming out of the woodwork lately with a “tell all” story exposing a famous celebrity.  The latest to have the beans spilled about them is Casey Aldridge, the guy who is famous for bangin’ Britney Spears’ sister and getting her pregnant.

Since the couples underage out of wedlock baby story came about, Casey has been labeled as a jerk, a cheater, and every other negative name you can think of, but Jamie Lynn Spears stood by him and believed everything he said for the sake of their daughter, Maddie.

Now the other woman is coming forward, telling her side of the story to inTouch.

Her name is Kelli Dawson, she’s 28 and met the 19 year old Aldridge through her younger sister.

She claims they hit it off immediately and it was during a time he was on and off with Jamie Lynn.

Says Dawson;

“He totally instigated it and pursued me. His friends would tell me that he liked me, that he thought I was pretty.”

The pair then started seeing each other on and off for about 5 months and after a few “random kisses” things got hot and heavy in the sprinig of 2007.

Casey and Kelli didn’t attempt to hide their affair but Kelli found it to be really hard with Jamie Lynn still in the picture.  Dawson claims they stopped sleeping together a few months before the baby was born.

“It just didn’t feel right,”  “He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop.”

The last time she claims they slept together was in March, but they have seen each other since, and have kissed since according to Dawson.

Here’s a photo of this whore from the newest issue of inTouch. I wonder how much she was paid for this doozy?!

photos via: inTouch

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