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Tori and Dean: Big and Bigger

 An outrageously obese pregnant  Tori Spelling and her larger than usual husband Dean McDermott had lunch at LaScala restaurant in Beverly Hills this afternoon.  While the former 90210 alum is eating for two, it appears that her husband is doing so also! Take a look at the pics after the cut.

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Minnie Driver all knocked up!

I don’t know if it is just an old wive’s tale, but I don’t think it is recommended to get dental work done while with child.  I dunno. . .maybe I should google it or something. . .Minnie didn’t look very glamorous as she visited the dentist on Olympic Blvd. in Beverly Hills the other […]

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Avril Lavigne is knocked up!

Avril Lavigne, wearing a tummy bump + shopping for baby clothes in West Hollywood!! And, we’ve even got the first exclusive, pics of her pea-sized heir (well, sort of)!That’s right, boys!!  Read it, and weep: Avril Lavigne is preggers!!  This cutsie Canadian pop star (who incidentally made the cover of Maxim this month), is finally […]

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Melissa Joan Hart gives birth at Bar!

Gotcha! But, honestly, who goes out looking like this, this pregnant and looking like a hippo about to burst? Melissa Joan Hart! I mean I have love for the fat’s but this is just too crazy. All that loud noise music, all the bumping and shoving that goes on at gigs. . .I don’t know, call […]

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It’s the hormones, man!

If you are one of those people who feels hated by Jessica Alba for being latino or mortal, then pay attention, ‘cuz this is my gift to you. I know you have seen her scowl, frown, and pout more than your own little eyes can handle, but don’t take it too personal. It’s not you, […]

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WTF are they thinking? HELP US!!!  Jamie Lynn Spears’ show Zoey 101 returned for another season despite rumors that Nickelodeon was debating whether to air it. Apparently the ratings extravaganza for the last season finale convinced them to bring it back even though parents were worried about the message Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy sends to kids. The AP reports: […]

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David Spade is HOT!

uhh. . .NOT! How in the world does this bum end up with all the hot chicks? I have no clue. What’s this that he’s got some model chick knocked up?! How is it possible? Mu$t have $omething to do with his per$onality.

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“No Doubt” there’s a bun in the oven for Gwen and Gavin!

I love it!  Pretty people procreating!  Gwen Stefani is beyond glamorous and Gavin Rossdale is straight up HOT!  I am so happy for the beautiful couple!  I am keepin’ my fingers crossed that it is a little girl!!!

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OMG!!! Angelina is totally Knocked Up!

I mean, besides the fact that Angie wore a total Muu Muu,  to the SAG awards, she is completely glowing.  I am so happy for the flawless couple.  Beautiful people should be encouraged to multiply!  Seriously, some one needs to make that a law.  There are enough ugly people roaming around.  There should be a […]

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Jessica’s Bump Watch

Back from Sundance and what is there to do in rainy Hollywood? Hit the gym. The mother to be, was seen “working on her fitness” with her VERY expensive engagement ring on. After about an hour of a hot workout, Jessica Alba left the gym to meet hubby-to-be Cash Warren for lunch.

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