Melissa Joan Hart gives birth at Bar!

Gotcha! 020708_sl_heart10-3.JPGBut, honestly, who goes out looking like this, this pregnant and looking like a hippo about to burst? Melissa Joan Hart! I mean I have love for the fat’s but this is just too crazy. All that loud noise music, all the bumping and shoving that goes on at gigs. . .I don’t know, call me *O.F. but fat pregnant women don’t need to be clubbing at this stage of the game. Not to mention the skinny freaks like Bai Ling that like to stand next to you grabbing your gut making you feel fatter then you already are. Come on Sabrina the teenage witch Melissa, go get some pickles and peanut butter and push that baby out already. BTW Bai Ling kinda reminds me of that creepy cat from the show. . .020708_sl_heart15.jpgjulyteenbeat.jpeg255010melissa-joan-hart-posters.jpg

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