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Olsen Twins Airplane Mix-Up

Woops!  We thought getting the Olsen twins mixed up was something that stopped happening around the time they turned 18 years old!  Guess not! Yesterday’s report was that when an airplane traveling from New York to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Virginia after the cockpit caught on fire and the […]

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch Fashion Contest

Mary-Kate and sister Ashley are launching a fashion design contest!  That means all you young aspiring fashion designers out there have a chance at making the next piece for the affordable Olsen line, Olsenboye. Olsenboye is available exclusively through JC Penny, and one lucky fan’s sketch will be chosen to be featured in the line, […]

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MK & A to Launch Affordable Fashions

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen want it both ways, and they can have it both ways!! They have been hard at work on a successful high end fashion line, The Row, to go with their billion dollar empire, and now they want to venture back into affordable mall wear. The girls will be launching a juniors […]

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The Dark Side of Ashley Olsen.

Ashley Olsen posed for these photos to go alongside and interview with Marc Jacobs for the new issue of V MAN magazine, which hits the shelves this Thursday. Ashley and Marc talked about all things fashion, and her relationship with her sis, Mary-Kate. The pics are very Mary-Kate so it’s awesome to see Ashley in […]

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PETA Continues Tradition of Childish Antics, Targets Hollywood Blvd.

PETA is at it again with their latest act of protest against celebs wearing fur.  This time, vandalism. These criminals recently hit the storied Hollywood Walk of Fame to seek out the stars of usual targets, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and fur loving Sharon Stone. PETA tagged the Olsen twins shared stat with ‘FUR HAGS,” […]

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Stephanie Tanner and Gang to Return to ‘House?’

John Stamos is reportedly trying to save the world, by reuniting the Full House cast for a one time tv special! It’s been 14 years since the Tanners went off the air, but Candice Cameron Bure, who played the eldest daughter DJ on the best show ever, told OK! Magazine recently that there’s a little […]

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Olsen Twins Score Some Free Fur.

An Alaskan fur company has reached out to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after learning what the people of PETA put these girls through every time they make a public appearance. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is frequently present at all of the Olsen’s book signings and movie premieres, wearing masks and holding up […]

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What Rules?

So I decided to brave the crowd and head out to the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book signing in Westwood, CA last night to see how many of the rules would actually be enforced. Surprisingly aside from the must purchase a book to get a wristband rule, they weren’t very strict at all. As fans […]

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Angelenos Can Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be signing copies of their new book, Influence, this Wednesday night at Borders Books at 1360 Westwood Boulevard, in Westwood, CA. The twins will appear to meet and greet fans starting at 7pm, and apparently there are some pretty strict rules that you must follow if planning to attend the […]

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No Wedding For Ashley O.

As expected, Ashley Olsen’s fairytale wedding has been brushed off as just another rumor. Her rep released a statement saying she would not be getting married nor was she engaged, however she was dating Justin Bartha and both were very happy. The rep did not say that this wasn’t the dream wedding she might have […]

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