MK & A to Launch Affordable Fashions


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen want it both ways, and they can have it both ways!!

They have been hard at work on a successful high end fashion line, The Row, to go with their billion dollar empire, and now they want to venture back into affordable mall wear.

The girls will be launching a juniors line for JC Penny called Olsenboye.  Says Mary-Kate in a statement;  “Ashley and I felt strongly about creating a unique experience to reach the teen customer,” Adds her sis, , “Olsenboye is an extension of the Dualstar brand delivering trend-based fashion at affordable prices.”

A sample collection will debut on November 6 at select stores and online, and then the full line will be released in February 2010.    Olsenboye will feature denim, tops, shirts, jackets, skirts, and accessories pricing from $20 to $50.

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