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Pamela Anderson’s New PETA Ad Banned in Canada

Pamela Anderson’s latest vegetarian campaign for PeTA has been banned in Montreal, Canada. A city official has deemed the new ad which features Anderson, marked up like a butcher’s diagram with the headline “All Animals Have the Same Parts,” sexist. Commissioner Rochefort tells PeTA in an email: “As you might expect, I have to inform […]

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Jenna Dewan: Sexy in Snake Skin For PeTA

As we have said before, love em’ or hate em’  PeTA lands some hotties for their “i’d rather go naked” ads. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sat Jenna  Dewan down and made her watch their latest documentary about animal skinning, which shows many snakes, gators, and other exotic animals  killed for their skins […]

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Kim Kardashian Criticized for Cat Cradle

Kim Kardashian is catching a lot of flack from animal activists for the way she held up this cat in one of her latest tweet photos. During a photo shoot she tweeted; “Pic from my shoot yesterday…good kitty cat!” PeTA spoke out issuing the following statement; “Kim Kardashian is not the only person who has […]

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Stephanie Pratt Bares All for Bunnies

Stephanie Pratt filmed a new campaign for Peta, stripping down to promote being nice to bunnies… Not that we have any objections to Stephanie Pratt nude, but what the heck is up with her face? Girl looks like she’s 40!

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Vivica A. Fox , Wearing a Fox?

Some other female celebs showed up at Monique’s pre Oscar dinner party at Philipe Chow’s in West Hollywood. Most noticeably among them was Vivica A. Fox, who wore a fur that would make Peta jump out of their own skin! Clearly it’s not a fox, she certainly wouldn’t do that to her own kind! It […]

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Peta’s Latest Anti-Fur Ad, With Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro is the latest to jump on a Peta “I’d rather go naked” campaign. The Janes Addiction rocker used to be a frequent wearer of  fur, until someone showed him one of those videos of animals being skinned alive for their fur. (It’s like the equivalent of someone showing you the news clip where […]

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PETA After Jessica Simpson For Pork Comments

As if Jessica Simpson doesn’t have enough people criticizing the things she does and says, now she’s got PETA breathing down her back. After Daisy, the little dog that was her last link to Nick Lachey, was snatched up by some wild coyotes in Los Angeles a few months ago, Jessica is ready to move […]

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Are You Ready For PETA’s Man And Woman Of The Year?

Here’s a clue: One’s a pussy-lovin’ activist / talk show host – and the other doesn’t want to see that fur! We’re talking about – of course – Ellen Degeneres and Tim Gunn. Both card carryin’ gays who also happen to be cruelty-free animal lovers. So why Ellen? The notorious animal lover is a recent […]

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A Real Housewife Confesses: “Yes, I Was Airbrushed”

Terrorists may be hijacking planes – but a reality star has a dangerous confession. The Real Housewife of New York City Bethanny Frankel is finally admitting what was painstakingly obvious to the rest of the world: she was airbrushed to her life in a recent PETA ad. Bethanny, who is shooting a scandalous new season […]

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Real Housewives Gone Wild; “Un-Airbrushed” Bethenny Bares All For PETA!

The Real Housewife Of NYC star Bethenny Frankel has gone nekkid for the animals. The celebs chef has stripped off her designer duds for a 58 foot-tall Broadway-bound PETA billboard. And she’s pregnant. And hot! And she doesn’t want people to wear fur. Explains Bethenny: “It’s so tasteful and beautifully done. I am especially pleased […]

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